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Pastor Desmond Cheatham is the founder and lead Pastor of New Destiny Church in Wyandotte, Michigan.


Pastor Cheatham was educated in the Detroit Public Schools and received his formal education at Central Michigan University, where he earned his Masters in Financial Administration.


While ministry has evolved over time, it is that foundation of Holiness, that has been built in his life, that keeps his ears to the mouth of God.

Pastor Cheatham has served in various roles in ministry during his journey, but none more impactful than answering the call of Servant Leader as Pastor.


He is blessed to have been, and  currently mentored by such Apostolic voices such as Bishop Will Thornton, King of Kings Int'l and his Spiritual father and Bishop,Bishop Brandon Jacobs, New Zion Temple.


Pastor Cheatham and New Destiny Church are affiliated with Pilgrim Assemblies International (PAI), under the leadership of ArchBishop William Hudson, III, where we are PILGRIM PROUD!

Pastor Cheatham is married to Lady Vanessa Cheatham and they have one son, Xavier and the most precious jewel of their life, their granddaughter, Paris.


Pastor Cheatham is a man of Faith, love and power. Come what may, YOUR DESTINY IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK!

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